Career Technical Education

Don Carman
CTE Teacher: Wood
831-637­-5831 Ext. 311
Julie Carriere
CTE Teacher: Consumer Foods
831-637­-5831 Ext. 220


Joanne Carruth
English Teacher
831-637-5831 Ext. 253
Rebecca Conklin
English Teacher
831-637-5831 Ext. 291


Austin Conery
Math Teacher
831-637-5831 Ext. 469

Physical Education

Chris Cameron
P.E. Teacher
831-637­-5831 Ext. 283
Laurie Chavez
P.E. Teacher
831-637­-5831 Ext. 286
Maxine Cunningham
P.E. Teacher
831-637­-5831 Ext. 286


Danielle Cote
Science Teacher/Athletic Trainer
831-637­-5831 Ext. 327

Student Services

Melissa Casas
Program Specialist ERMHS/SELPA
831-637­-5831 Ext. 139

Visual and Performing Arts

Rob Campbell
Multimedia Teacher
831-637­-5831 Ext. 224


Paulette Cobb
Director of Special Education
831-637-­5831 Ext. 130

Classified Staff

Robert Cabrera
Senior Night Custodian
Carissa Carsey
Program Specialist T.L.A.
831-637­-5831 Ext. 164
Hilda Cascio
Special Ed Instructional Aide
Yesenia Castro-Nunez
Special Ed Instructional Aide
Elsa Chavez
Campus Supervisor
Claudia Chavez
MEP Recruiter/Case Manager
831-637­-5831 Ext. 703
John Conroy
Special Ed Instructional Aide
Marsha Cook
Food Service Assistant
Trisha Cooper
Administrative Assistant - Superintendent
831-637­-5831 Ext. 132
Cheri Cosio
Attendance Clerk
831-637­-5831 Ext. 105
Danielle Craig
Special Ed Instructional Aide

Student Support

Tiffany Cotter
Counselor (Corral-Gut)
831-637­-5831 Ext. 116

Board of Trustees

John Corrigan
Board Member