Club Ed offers tutoring

When it comes to school work, everybody needs a little help now and then. Club Ed's knowledgeable and motivated student tutors, with support from SBHS teachers, provide individual tutoring in all subjects for grades 1 through 12. Fees are $10 to $13 per hour and all proceeds go to the tutors. To schedule a tutor, call 638-6131.

School lunch challenge ends this week

Wednesday, Oct. 4 is the final day of the National School Lunch (NSLP) participation challenge, which offers participation rewards to encourage students to apply for the program. The sophomore class earned free donuts last week for reaching its goal and juniors hit the 60 percent mark and will receive donuts this Friday. The overall winning class will receive a free pizza lunch. As of Oct.

Certificated, classified substitutes needed

San Benito High School District is looking to hire certificated and classified substitutes for the current school year. Certificated (classroom teacher) substitutes require a 30-day substitute permit or a valid single subject credential. If you hold a bachelor's degree degree and are willing to take the CBEST test, the district can help you obtain a sub permit once you have the results of the CBEST. The pay for certificated substitutes is $160 per day or $53.34 per block. We welcome retired teachers to come back and substitute for us. Retired teachers earn $175 per day or $58.34 per block.

Students encouraged to apply for Hollister Youth Committee

The city of Hollister has four openings on the Hollister Youth Committee for students who are interested in government and how it works locally. City Councilwoman Mickie Luna said there are "several important issues coming up that would impact families and children in regards to parks and I believe that our youth council committee could become involved in this decision-making." The attached application can be completed and delivered to Christine Black at Hollister City Hall, 375 Fifth St.