LULAC collecting supplies for Napa Valley fire victims

SBHS student Monica Vazquez of LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens) has set up a temporary donation drive for the victims of the fires in Napa Valley and the surrounding areas. The drive will run through Oct. 31 and there will be drop-off spots in Hollister and around campus as well. The organization is working to find a place in town where people can drop off supplies, but at school donations can be left in the following classrooms: 475 (Peeters), 370 (Villegas), and 223 (Porter). A list of most needed supplies is below: 

Youth Listening Campaign on campus Monday, Oct. 23

GUIAS (a Youth Alliance program housed at SBHS) and Youth Alliance are participating in the National Week of Action from Oct. 23-29, in partnership with San Benito High School. They are hosting a series of events to raise awareness about youth and education. The Week of Action provides students, administrators and the community to have a dialogue about education issues such as school climate, safety, and youth supports like social emotional learning.