California Dream Act

Dear Parents and Students,

Below is a link to information regarding the California Dream act. This information was sent to schools throughout California and we wish to pass this on to you.The California Dream act is a program which allows certain undocumented and out of state students to receive financial aid while attending colleges in California. Clicking the link will direct you a message from the State Superintendent of Public Instruction regarding this act.

Water Polo Clinic

San Benito Aquatics Swim Club is sponsoring a WATER POLO skills camp at San Benito High School Pool, December 20th & 21st. If you know of anyone who might be interested in attending, I have included a flyer with more information about the event. If you have particular questions, you can contact Fred Latimore or Johnna Hepner.

Best Regards and Happy Holidays,

Construction Update

Hello All, 

We will be experiencing some growing pains due to construction. Our students and staff need to be aware of the following:  

Beginning November 21, 2016

* Our path of travel to and from the 390’s classrooms (392 393, 394, 395, 396) will be different. Entering from the main campus and 400’s, students and staff will need to travel through the Language campus (360’s & 370’s) to the Southern gate near 369 (Mr. Adams Classroom) onto San Benito Street and then to the back entrance to the 390’s classroom which is also the entrance from our football parking lot. We will have a campus supervisor stationed on San Benito Street near 369.

* The Mattson gym parking lot will again become a staging area for our construction teams and will not be in use until December 2017

* Entrance to the various campuses from our Football parking lot will have to be done through the gate on San Benito Street near the 369 (Mr. Adams) classroom.

SBHSD Request for Proposals: Comprehensive Utility Savings Program

REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP) NO. 20162017-1 Comprehensive Utility Savings Program 

The following RFP is seeking proposals from qualified design-build firms capable of providing comprehensive energy, gas, & water infrastructure improvements utilizing Proposition 39, utility budget savings, other grants, and utility programs for San Benito High School District.


Shift in Hours for School Dances

Hello Students and Parents!  Please note that school administration has shifted the hours of our school dances with a start time of 7 pm and an end time of 11 pm.  The duration of the dances will remain 4 hours.  This change will take effect, beginning with our Homecoming Dance on Oct. 8th.  The shift of time is a proactive measure and based on general safety for students walking home from our school dances past midnight.  If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Principal Ramirez at Ext. 173.