School officials monitoring air quality

A message regarding air quality from SBHS School Nurse, Tess Smith:

Good morning,

At this time, according to the Monterey Bay Air Resources District, Hollister is at Moderate level of Air Quality Index. We are in contact with the PE coaches and this is the status:

Currently, our area is in the "moderate" range @ a (PE) can go through our regular activities as normal. If (and current projections say we will maintain moderate ranges throughout the day) the AQI elevates into the USG (unhealthy for sensitive groups) range: (101 - 150) we will still be able to participate outside while limiting extended conditioning activities. The next level up (Unhealthy): 151+ is deemed "unhealthy" and we will keep our PE classes inside.

I have asked that students who have asthma and may already be compromised be allowed to walk instead of run and to self-limit activity to prevent an asthma attack.

The coaches will continue to evaluate the air quality block by block to ensure the safety of our students. This also applies to the decision to hold sports practices and games this afternoon as the air quality can deteriorate quickly when the winds pick up.

The following is the resource and link for the Monterey Bay Air Resources District:

The clickable image below shows air quality in Hollister as of Thursday morning.