Reminder about student drop-off zones

Students being brought to school should be dropped off in the designated drop off areas only. These areas are:

  • Baler Alley
  • Nash Road parking lot
  • Football parking lot
  • Math and Science “New” Campus parking lot

Please avoid dropping off your student on West Street, Monterey Street, and any cross streets in the area. Dropping off your student(s) in these areas has become a safety issue.  Additionally, please do not use any access roads to drop off your students as this can potentially be dangerous to other pedestrian students. 

If you have a gate key to access the Ag Barn to feed your animal, you must access this area from the San Benito Street entrance only. You will no longer be permitted to enter or exit from Nash Road.  Failure to use the San Benito Street entrance will result in the confiscation of the gate key. Again, this is for the safety of our students. Click on the map to see it in a larger format.