Principal's Welcome / Baler Code

Principal Adrian Ramirez

Welcome to San Benito High School, home of the BALERS! It is an honor to serve as your principal, as we work together to prepare our students for their goals and dreams. As an SBHS alumnus and a Hollister resident, it is my belief that the success of our staff and students is a direct reflection of the community surrounding and supporting them. My own two children will soon join the Baler ranks, and I’m eager to observe the opportunities and relationships they build while in high school.

Our mission at San Benito High School is to educate all students to their highest potential so they will have the greatest range of personal options upon graduation. This is clearly evidenced by our District Board of Trustees in their recent approval to align the SBHS graduation requirements with the A-G sequence of courses for admission to the University of California and California State University programs, effective with our SBHS class of 2020.

The new graduation requirement adoption includes a College & Career Pathway that students may opt into at the beginning of their sophomore year. This allows students to pursue a career pathway through either our Career Technical Education (CTE) or Visual and Performing Arts programs.

My highest priority is student achievement in a learning environment which supports the following:

  • Students’ physical and emotional safety
  • Equitable access to courses and activities
  • Creating positive relationships with students and families
  • A mindset that will foster reflection, accountability, and resiliency  

My goal is that your children’s experience in their four years on our campus will prepare them to make meaningful contributions as they become members of the greater community. Thank you for your continued support!

Baler Code

A Baler is . . .

  • Respectful by treating others as you want to be treated. Do not manipulate, abuse, demean or mistreat anyone. Do not insult, ridicule, harass, embarrass or hurt another person.
  • Responsible by being dependable, punctual, and trustworthy in your dealing with others. Acknowledge and meet your obligations, honor your commitments, know what you must do, and create a plan to accomplish your goals. 
  • Honest by always being truthful and sincere toward others. Do not lie, cheat, steal; betray a trust; withhold information; be sly, scheming or misleading.
  • Civil by being courteous and polite.
  • Tolerant by respecting individual differences and judging people only on their individual merits.
  • Caring by showing concern for each and every individual and our community.
  • Courteous by being polite in your dealings with others. Respect the rights of each individual to make decisions about his/her own life and have a regard for the property of others as well as for our campus and community environment.
  • Courageous by resisting peer pressure to do things you know are wrong. Persevere in using your highest potential to reach academic and personal goals. Do the right thing instead of taking the easy way out.