Lice Issue at San Benito High School

Dear Students and Parents,

In response to concerns regarding students with lice or acquiring lice while attending San Benito High School:

Head lice, while a significant nuisance / problem, do not transmit disease to humans. There is no evidence that a "no nit" policy at school prevents or shortens lengths of outbreaks. Although lice infestations are most often found in elementary school children it can also occur in teenagers and adults. There have been 3 cases of students with lice here at San Benito High School reported in the past week.

Per the Centers for Disease Control: Head lice move by crawling; they cannot hop or fly. Head lice are spread by direct contact with the hair of an infested person. Anyone who comes in head-to-head contact with someone who already has head lice is at the greatest risk. Spread by contact with clothing (such as hats, scarves, coats) or other personal items (such as combs, brushes, or towels) used by an infested person is uncommon, but may still occur. One common way that lice is spread is when students come close together (head to head contact) to take a selfie photo. Please be cautious when taking selfies, hugging and close contact. Being a father of two young ladies, my family has gone through this twice and each time it is very time consuming and much work. *Please note* Personal hygiene or cleanliness in the home or school has nothing to do with getting head lice.

Ms. Tess Smith, RN