Educational Services

Educational Services provides leadership for curriculum and instruction, all categorical and special programs, alternative programs and district­level plans.

The Educational Services Department provides leadership, oversight and compliance monitoring for the following areas:

  • Curriculum and Instruction: Ensure that pacing guides and unit plans are aligned to standards.
  • Common Core Standards, State Standards or Next Generation Science: Ensure compliance with standards and providing high-quality instruction for all students.
  • Textbook Adoptions: Monitor and update textbooks to align with standards and curriculum.
  • Guest Speakers: Review and approve (per district policy) guest speakers, who provide real world connections for the content areas.
  • Multimedia Instruction Materials: Review and approve (per district policy) the appropriate use of multimedia materials that can enrich classroom instruction when content is directly related to and supportive of the course and class objectives.
  • Field Trips: Review and approve (per district policy) school-sponsored trips to encourage new interests among students and help them relate their school experiences to the outside world.
  • Professional Development: Provide teachers with ongoing, sustainable professional development for high­-quality instruction,  including scaffolding for struggling students.
  • Technology: Review and improve (per district policy) hardware, software and infrastructure.
  • State and Federal Programs: Ensure that all state and federal programs are compliant and that funding is used to maximize student success. Programs include but are not limited to: Migrant Education, Title I (interventions for underserved students) and Title III (English Learners), Perkins (career technical education), and Agriculture. Conduct fiscal and accountability reporting.
  • Alternative Programs: Provide alternative programs such as Adult Education, Long Term Independent Study, Home and Hospital Education, and Short Term Independent Study.
  • State and Federal Plans: Coordinate needs assessment, community & staff input, goal setting, and defining actions for required state and federal plans.
  • Testing and Accountability: Monitor State Academic Performance Index (API), Federal Annual Yearly Progress (AYP) and Program Improvement (PI), Title III Accountability and Title II Accountability.

Educational Services Resources

Inter District Transfers

To request an Inter­ District transfer, please print the Inter District Transfer Request Form and return completed form to the Alternative Education Office located in the 400 Administration Building on Nash Road. The office is open Monday­Friday, 7:30 am – 4:00 pm.

Any questions? Please contact the Sharon Finley at 831-637­-5831 Ext. 484.

Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) 2016-19

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