Construction Update

Hello All, 

We will be experiencing some growing pains due to construction. Our students and staff need to be aware of the following:  

Beginning November 21, 2016

* Our path of travel to and from the 390’s classrooms (392 393, 394, 395, 396) will be different. Entering from the main campus and 400’s, students and staff will need to travel through the Language campus (360’s & 370’s) to the Southern gate near 369 (Mr. Adams Classroom) onto San Benito Street and then to the back entrance to the 390’s classroom which is also the entrance from our football parking lot. We will have a campus supervisor stationed on San Benito Street near 369.

* The Mattson gym parking lot will again become a staging area for our construction teams and will not be in use until December 2017

* Entrance to the various campuses from our Football parking lot will have to be done through the gate on San Benito Street near the 369 (Mr. Adams) classroom.

* Room 391 will be removed from use. Ms. Lassaga’s classes will be held in Room 191 for the rest of the school year starting Nov. 28th

* The seating near the snack bar on the 300’s campus (old ASB and Athletic building) will be moved to other areas on the 300s campus.

* The old tennis courts will be off limits and part of the construction zone

While this is a temporary inconvenience our students and staff will benefit greatly from this work being done. With this project we will gain a new snack bar, 7 new classrooms and new Art, Ceramics and Dance studios.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact myself or Mr. Rob Zimmerman. 



Jeremy Dirks
Assistant Principal 
San Benito High School