CAASPP Assessment testing coming soon!

Our 11th and 12th grade students will be taking the CAASPP Assessment soon! Please make sure your students are present and on-time during the weeks of April 17th-April 28th. Eleventh grade students will be assessed in both their English and Math classes. These CAASPP scores will be printed on their transcripts and information will be given to CSU/UC’s during their senior year.

Twelfth grade students will be taking the California Science Test Pilot (CAST) during the month of May. This year your child will participate in the tryout of test items for this future assessment. While this tryout will not provide scores for you child, it is an important first step in developing an assessment that will fairly and accurately measure how students are achieving on the new science standards.

We encourage you to make all appointments for students after school as to not interrupt the testing cycle. If you have any questions regarding these assessments, please contact Elaine Klauer at 831-637-5831  ext.137.

Please click on the links below for more information

CAASPP Letter          California Alternate Assessments (students with IEP) English/Espanol