Baler Strong Recipients

On behalf of the San Benito High School Administrative Team, we are proud to announce the latest recipients of the Baler Strong Award. This recognition goes to exceptional staff members who make a difference daily in the lives of our students, staff and families.

Mr. Ben Pang: Mathematics Teacher,     Ms. Gloria McConnell: Instructional Aide,     Ms. Jill Ichien: Instructional Aide,     Ms. Lorena Fernandez: Substitute Teacher, Interim Career Center Specialist,     Mr. Tim Pipes: Counselor,     Mr. Mario Prado: AVID Teacher,     Ms. Monica Perez: Food Service Assistant. Click the Read More link for further accolades.


Mr. Ben Pang: Mathematics Teacher- Ben Pang has developed a supportive, respectful community in his classroom. He provides tutorial for students, serves as a class advisor and the STEM club advisor. He recently put together an amazing STEM field trip to Adobe Systems for our students. He also rides his bike everywhere, doing his part to save our environment. Thank you for all you do!

Ms. Gloria McConnell: Instructional Aid- Optimistic, positive, and creative; Gloria is truly Baler Strong. Her work with students is inspiring. She also has shown commitment to our programs helping teachers, organizing curriculum, and making our world a better place for all. She is quick with a smile and a kind word and we are lucky to have her. Thank you for all you do!

Ms. Jill Ichien: Instructional Aid- Hard working and dedicated, Jill is a long standing Baler. Her commitment is clear to students in the classroom, teachers she works with, and her fellow classified employees. We commend her for being consistently Baler Strong. Thank you for all you do!

Ms. Lorena Fernandez: Substitute Teacher, Interim Career Center Specialist Lorena has taken on the sub position at the Career Center and has really owned it. She is dynamic, outgoing, on top of everything, proactive, and above all puts students first. Her tireless efforts have improved the Career Center dramatically and has put the needs of our students on the forefront of everyone's mind. Thank you for all you do!

Mr. Tim Pipes: Counselor-Tim has been instrumental in helping set up and run AP testing. He is always positive and looking for ways to help beyond the scope of his daily tasks. Tim is an invaluable resource in helping others with technology and getting the counseling team information out there school-wide and to our community. Thank you for all you do!

Mr. Prado: AVID Teacher- Mr. Prado has done an exceptional job within his first year as an AVID Elective teacher. Not only has he defined clear expectations for his students in the classroom but he has also taken on the duty of Site Coordinator for the AVID program. Mario works collaboratively with 9th-grade teachers to support his students in other content areas. Mario has created a productive and inviting learning environment for all AVID students with his level of dedication and commitment to the program. Thank you for all you do!

Ms. Monica Perez: Food Services Assistant- Monica Perez, is a hard worker and always willing to learn new things (she drives the taco truck, works in print shop and custodial services as well) when needed.  She is always smiling, cheerful and helpful. Thank you for all you do!